Project Spotlight: South Utah Valley Waste District Expansion

Project Spotlight on SUVSWD's New Environmental Facility by Western Steel Buildings


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Environmental Recovery Facility Design

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  • Size: 110,250 SQ. FT.
  • Location: Spanish Fork, Utah
  • Application: Transport Station Expansion

In the realm of solid waste management, South Utah Valley Solid Waste District (SUVSWD) focuses on advancement. Its transfer station highlights the region’s commitment to both the environment and its growing population

The Evolution of SUVSWD’s Transfer Station

When the Transfer Station first opened its doors in February of 1990, it was a watershed moment for Utah. This state-of-the-art transfer station, a brainchild of HDR Engineering, was the very first of its kind in the Beehive State. Constructed with foresight, the facility was tailored to handle a whopping 250 tons of waste daily. Fast forward to the present, and the SUVSWD transfer station effortlessly manages approximately 700 tons per day. The past decade’s population boom led to the acquisition of an additional compactor, ensuring the station’s capability to accommodate the valley’s rapid growth and now comfortably manage over 700 tons a day.

Positioning for Cost-Effectiveness

One of the many reasons transfer stations like SUVSWD’s are incorporated is their cost-effectiveness. Ideally located, they lead to reduced labor costs. The reduced transit time means crews can allocate more hours to waste collection and less on the road. The subsequent lesser wear and tear on garbage trucks further trims down city fleet maintenance costs.

The New Addition: Environmental Recovery Facility Design

Located in Spanish Fork, the new addition to the facility boasts dimensions of 245’ x 450’ x 37’. Western Steel completed the engineering, including incorporating open webbed fabricated joists set at 12’6″ on center with a 20 Gauge PLN-32 deck and a pinned connection. The structural columns, beams at sidewalls, and the long span joists were engineered to connect to the concrete tilt walls. Other notable features of this addition include:

  • Innovative Tilt Wall Design: The concrete tilt walls are crafted to absorb lateral forces from the steel open web trusses.
  • Skylights: 45 skylights, each measuring 4’ x 8’, bathe the facility in natural light.
  • Structural Depth: With trusses measuring a depth of 124″, they adhere strictly to design codes.
  • Clearance: Ensuring efficient operations, the building provides 30’0″ clear under the lowest roof structure as necessitated by the design.
  • Roof Perimeter Embeds: These are precisely calculated for the attachment of building steel to the wall for enhanced lateral support.

With such extensive planning and acute design, the SUVSWD transfer station is an advanced waste management facility. Utah’s dedication to the environment is setting the benchmark for future Environmental Recovery Facilities.

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