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Industrial Steel Buildings

At Western Steel, we specialize in Pre-engineered, Structural, and Hybrid Steel Building Solutions.


Economist forecast a Global Growth Rate of 2.5% in 2023 for the Industrial Sector

At Western Steel, we offer the most reliable industrial steel building solutions, easily customized for large openings and column-free interiors. Our steel building systems are Ideal for warehouses, manufacturing, pump stations, machinery storage waste-management, transport processing and more. For a comprehensive design or simple box building, we are ready to use our extensive experience to assist on your next metal industrial project, complete it on time, and with an affordable price tag.

Industrial Metal Building Applications:

  • Mining
  • Data Centers
  • Crane Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial Laundry Facilities
  • Recycling Centers
  • Manufacturing
  • Equipment Storage
  • Distribution Facilities
  • Welding Shops

Steel warehouses are commonly large, one-story buildings with high ceilings ranging from 18’ to 40’ with multiple large loading or bay doors.

Warehouse buildings are typically used for storage and distribution, therefore a small amount of office space is usually required and most of the space will be dedicated to storing products and inventory. Warehouses commonly have large paved areas to accommodate frequent traffic from semi-trucks. Some warehouse users may also have specific HVAC requirements.

Our Western Steel structures are well-suited for highly specialized applications such as manufacturing, cold storage and data centers. While most steel industrial structures, from distribution facilities to warehouses, may have their similarities, it’s important to note the differences when investing in a new build. 

Project Spotlight

Industrial Steel Building

Western Steel Hybrid Building Systems

Western Steel works with Architects, Developers, Contractors, & Business Owners across North America by Providing Pre-Engineered, Hybrid, & Structural Steel Building Solutions.

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Insulated Metal Panels

Benefits of Building with Insulated Metal Panels  If you’re still building with concrete tilt or precast, you need to ask yourself… why? The building envelope has evolved, and Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs) are changing the future of new construction. Major retailers like Ikea, Whole Foods, Amazon and more are choosing pre-engineered steel building systems clad …

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Industrial Steel Building

Project Spotlight: Model Linen

Industrial Laundry & Linen Supply When Matthew Toliver, owner of Model Linen in Ogden, Utah needed to upgrade his facility, he chose a pre-engineered steel building system and insulated metal wall panels from Western Steel. Hear about his experience firsthand in the video below. WSB Model Linen Testimonial from Western Steel Buildings on Vimeo. …

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Industrial Steel Building

Project Spotlight: Realine Steel

At Western Steel, we innovate complex and adaptable steel buildings for sophisticated projects. When Realine Steel, a division of Building Zone Industries, outgrew their old facility and needed to upgrade their beam processing machine to optimize workflow and increase production, the team at Western Steel took a creative engineering approach.  The result, a state-of-the-art, skillfully designed …

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Project Spotlight: Big Island Grown

HILO, HAWAI’I  Completed in 2018, Big Island Grown has adapted environmentally sustainable business practices, utilizing solar on the roof and hydroelectric to power the facility. These sustainable practices helped them achieve a net zero-energy footprint! This attractive and sleek two-story structure measures 100’x175’x32’. Big Island Grown worked with the team at Western Steel in the …

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