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At Western Steel Buildings, design versatility is key. We can expedite delivery on a standard design or incorporate architectural elements to provide a completely custom prefab structure. Examples include parapet walls, cranes, attached buildings, multi-level buildings, and more. Let us help take a standard building design and make it exceptional.

Contact us at 435-565-6882 or [email protected] to discuss your project.


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With Western Steel Buildings, complete your project with ease. Pending design approval, expect 8-10 weeks for the materials to arrive directly from the factory to your construction site. Our pre- engineered buildings have a significant cost advantage over other building types, while being fabricated from the strongest structural framing material possible, steel.

Contact us at 435-565-6882 or [email protected] to discuss your project.


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Work directly with experienced staff to complete your project with the best steel building system. Each component of a Western Steel Building is cut to spec at the factory, ready to bolt-together once the materials reach your construction site. This process saves time, labor costs, and eliminates construction waste. Utilize the local construction market for a fast and efficient install.

Contact us at 435-565-6882 or [email protected] to discuss your project.

At Western Steel Buildings we fabricate the highest quality structures to meet your specific building requirements. Our prefabricated steel buildings can be erected on-site in a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional building. Our metal buildings are also environmentally friendly, with as much as 90% of the steel coming from recycled sources.

We design and manufacture steel buildings for a wide range of industries including agricultureaviationindustrialcommercialequestrian, and residential purposes. Some of the most popular steel buildings that we fabricate for our clients are large warehouses and arenas that are used for indoor sports and equestrian activities. We can design and customize your building for any purpose that you require, and we can help you build it on time and within budget.

WHAT IS THE VALUE OF TIME SAVED? Western Steel Buildings can provide a completed building project in a fraction of the time compared to other construction methods. Our durable prefab buildings are fabricated from the strongest building material utilized in new construction, 100% domestic steel fabricated in the USA.


With a variety of framing systems, we will Value-Engineer a design to meet your specific requirements with the overall cost in mind. At Western, we understand design flexibility is crucial to the success of a project. We can produce a standard box design, or provide a completely custom prefab structure with parapet walls, attachment buildings, concrete or insulated panel.


Western Steel structures last longer than traditional construction methods. Steel is not susceptible to mold, termites or wood rot. Our buildings can be designed to withstand hurricane force winds up to 180 mph. We can engineer our structures for the most extreme conditions such as heavy snow, high winds, or intense seismic activity. The structural members can be hot-dip galvanized for the ultimate protection from rust.


Our prefab buildings can save on design, construction, and maintenance costs. Western buildings bolt-together on the job site, allowing faster install times that are streamlined.


Steel has a melting point of approx. 2,500 degrees. This makes it one of the best fire-resistant materials to use in new construction.


As much as 90% of the steel that is used in our fabrication process is recycled steel. Our buildings are engineered to make them easy to insulate, with tighter fittings around doors and windows allowing for lower operating costs. Pre-engineered steel buildings mean less construction waste, overall a much better choice for the environment.

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