Project Spotlight: Sunbelt Rentals

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Sunbelt Rentals

As the increase in construction continues, so does the demand for construction equipment. Sunbelt Rentals, founded in 1983, has been expanding since its inception. They provide equipment rentals for various industries, from agricultural to event rentals and more. Sunbelt Rentals now has eight locations in Utah. The newest location in West Jordan is a steel building solution provided by our team at Western Steel Buildings. 

A Versatile Building Material

This project is eye-catching, thanks to the modern exterior, accented with the signature green of Sunbelt Rentals. Insulated metal panels (Imps) were utilized and they are a great way to add style and functionality to a new building project. These panels come in various sizes and colors, allowing for total customization. They also provide superior insulation, making them perfect for areas where climate control is essential. New energy codes and regulations continually call for more sustainable building materials, leading to the increased popularity of Imps, as they provide numerous advantages over other construction products. In addition, IMPs are easy to install.

The Building Envelope of the Future

Steel buildings combined with advanced cladding options are a great way to incorporate style and efficiency into new commercial construction projects. While steel buildings have been used in many industries, including commercial and retail applications, their popularity is increasing due to the many benefits and customization options. Discover more about insulated metals panels here, or call 800-763-0461.