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At Western Steel, we’ve worked diligently to earn a solid reputation by understanding and achieving comprehensive steel building solutions for our clients. We were up for the challenge when our client needed to expand in Hawaii. Jayco is an architectural metal contractor specializing in various architectural metal and glass products ranging from railings, grilles, handrails, and gates. Jayco’s primary focus is aluminum, but it has become well-versed with other materials, such as stainless steel, wood, and cable systems. Keep reading for design tips and recommendations for new building projects that are similar in nature.

Explore Options.

At Western Steel, we provide pre-eng, structural and hybrid steel building solutions. Our pre-engineered building systems are a great option for manufacturing applications because they are easily customizable with partition walls, large openings, and multiple cladding options. After finalizing the design, the structural components are then pre-fabricated at the factory to save time and labor costs in the field.

Create an Open Floor Plan.

An open floor plan encourages collaboration between coworkers and fosters creativity. Pre-engineered steel buildings are column-free, maximizing the entire interior usable space.

Maximize Natural Light.

Natural light keeps operating costs down and is essential for creating a pleasing ambiance and increasing productivity. It helps people feel energized and stay focused. Jayco added 15 roof translucent panels.

Add Large Overhead Doors.

By adding a large bay door to each unit, our client thoughtfully planned for tenants that may utilize industrial machinery in the space or clients that would benefit by shipping directly from their facility.

Building Details: 

  • Located in Waipahu, Hawaii
  • 25,000 SQ. FT.
  • 20’0″ Eave
  • 1:12 Roof Slope
  • 105 mph Wind Load
  • 15 Translucent Wall Panels

Jayco Hawaii

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