Benefits of Western Steel Buildings for your Agriculture Needs

All Weather

Western Steel Buildings are designed to withstand unbearable weather conditions to keep your farming assets safe. Our pre-engineered structures are anchored to concrete improving durability. We engineer barns and stables to withstand hurricane force winds and heavy snow. Each structure is designed according to the specific codes and loads for the geographical property location, taking into consideration seismic activity and high wind loads.


Western Steel Buildings are made from a hygienic material, making it insusceptible to decay. Our color panels come with a 20-year finish warranty standard. By building with steel, the building is virtually maintenance free, reducing operating costs lower than other construction methods such as pole barns.

Fire Resistant 

The National Fire Protection Association rates barns as a higher risk for fire. Wood frames are highly combustible, increasing the risk for fire and potentially providing fuel to the fire to grow. Steel buildings are non-combustible, maintaining structural integrity at high temperatures making. Additionally, we can incorporate firewalls in our commercial infrastructures.

Completely Custom 

Western Steel Buildings can be designed to accommodate a variety of end use applications. Our structures are easily adaptable to meet the needs of the most detailed client with options for light transmitting panels, overhangs, extra-large openings and more.


With so many options for complete customization, clients are constantly pleased with the affordability of building with Western Steel Buildings. Since each component is fabricated to spec at the shop, the building package arrives like a kit ready to be installed without welding and fabricating in the field.

If you’re looking to build a barn or a stable to protect your farm equipment, store hay, or a shelter for livestock, Western has you covered.

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