Project Spotlight: Flex Office Space

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Design Considerations for a Flex Office Space

In Big Sky Montana, our client recently completed construction on four phases of flex office space for lease. Each of the four pre-engineered structures provided by our team at Western Steel Buildings houses between six and eight individual units. Flexible office space complexes are becoming increasingly popular, providing more opportunities for small or medium-sized businesses to operate under one roof with short or long-term leases. There are significant build-out opportunities to tailor the unit to their needs. Many companies need warehouse or production space combined with administrative offices, and flex office space is the solution.

Explore Options.

Our building systems are ideal for flex space and commercial applications because they are easily customizable with partition walls, large openings, and multiple cladding options. After finalizing the design, the structural components are then pre-engineered at the factory to save time and labor costs in the field.

Create an Open Floor Plan.

An open floor plan encourages collaboration between coworkers and fosters creativity. By incorporating this design feature, more businesses will be able to utilize the workspace, which increases the number of prospective tenants. Pre-engineered steel buildings are column-free, maximizing the entire interior usable space.

Maximize Natural Light.

Natural light keeps operating costs down and is essential for creating a pleasing ambiance and increasing productivity. It helps people feel energized and stay focused.

Add Large Overhead Doors.

By adding a large bay door to each unit, our client thoughtfully planned for tenants that may utilize industrial machinery in the space or clients that would benefit by shipping directly from their facility.

Incorporate Mezzanines.

Consider adding mezzanines into each unit but keep the main working area open for tenant customization and build-out. For the Big Sky Flex Space Complex, our client incorporated a mezzanine level in 12 of the 27 units. By placing the mezzanines in the high side of the single slope structures, he enhanced the usable space of those units, adding square footage to generate higher leases. To learn more call 800-763-0461 today.