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At Western Steel, our Solutioncentric™ approach and advanced steel building systems bring incredible cost and time savings to our clients. The planning and design phase of a new brewery, distillery or winery includes the size of the property, type of equipment needed, location of the facility and more. These large facilities range in size from 20,000 to 50,000 square feet. Conventional construction methods such as concrete tilt have been replaced by steel building solutions as the best choice for new construction by lowering the construction time and overall construction cost. 

Evaluate Project Requirements to find the Best Design.

There are many different options available when building a steel brewery or winery. Our Account Managers are trained to assist with creating value in our steel building systems. Once we know how much space you need, what kind of equipment you plan to use, we can begin our design process. If you already have plans, we will value-engineer them and help you decide which type of Western Steel building system is most suitable for the project. We offer pre-engineered or prefab, hybrid, and long span steel building solutions combined with advanced cladding options.

Discover the Most Suitable Construction Materials.

The Western Steel pre-engineered building system is the ideal framing solution for projects requiring large areas of space with an open floor design, delivering uninterrupted space while allowing for architectural design flexibility. Our pre-engineered system utilizes ibeam primary framing, delivering roof support and shortening the installation time for mechanical and electrical systems. Compatible with multiple wall and roofing systems, this system is easily customized, yet pre-engineered at the factory reducing install and construction costs. For complex designs our hybrid steel building system is an ideal choice. However, each project is evaluated to determine the right steel building solution based on the specific job requirements. 

Work with a Professional.

The alcoholic beverage sector is unique, complete with its own set of building requirements that must find the balance of aesthetics and functionality. Whether you’re developing artisanal spirits, a craft brewery, or a premium winery, work with an experienced steel building company that has the industry knowledge to elevate your new construction project to the next level.

Project Spotlight


Roof Types

Steel Building Roof Styles Looking to enhance the aesthetics of a steel building project? Western has you covered.™ Our steel building solutions can easily incorporate multiple roof options. When designing a pre-eng, hybrid, or structural steel building, the roof style can significantly impact its appearance and functionality. Consider the following six common roof styles, each …

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Brewery Steel Buildings

Mendocino Brewing Company

Steel Brewery Solution: Mendocino County Developer Gary Breen’s vision to elevate Hopland, California to a unique destination that includes boutique wineries, breweries, and an array of cannabis infused products on a dreamscape of beautiful Northern California farmland is nearly complete.  The construction for Felix Creek Cellars was just the beginning, a 57,000 square foot building …

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Project Spotlight

Project Spotlight: Feliz Creek Cellars

Steel Winery Solution: Feliz Creek Cellars Feliz Creek Cellars is a family owned and operated winery that produces small batch wines using only the finest grapes grown on the estate vineyards. In addition, they are an exemplary resource for premium winemakers in Mendocino County, California.  When Gary Breen of Feliz Creek Cellars contacted us at …

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Insulated Metal Panels

Benefits of Building with Insulated Metal Panels  If you’re still building with concrete tilt or precast, you need to ask yourself… why? The building envelope has evolved, and Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs) are changing the future of new construction. Major retailers like Ikea, Whole Foods, Amazon and more are choosing pre-engineered steel building systems clad …

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Advantages of a Metal Roof

When you build with Western Steel Buildings, we present a variety of roofing options for your steel structure. Depending on what you are looking for in terms of value, longevity, and energy efficiency we will assist you in choosing the best option, as well as elevate your return on investment. All of our panels are …

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