Where Do You Keep Your Toys?

Steel Workshop 36x50x15
Residential Storage Building
36' x 50' x 15'

As we get older not only do our toys get more expensive, but they also take up way more room. Long gone are the days of cramming everything we own into a toy chest. Now we're forced to think about storage space prior to making our purchases. Are you running out of space for your toys? Don't worry, Western has you covered. Our steel structures can easily be erected in the convenience of your backyard, providing you with the a weather protected space for all of your precious possessions.

A word from TJ...

When TJ needed extra space, he looked to Western Steel for a building residential solution.

"My building is 36x50x15, I put it in my backyard and use it primarily for storage of RVs, boats, and trucks. I also have a workbench and motorcycle lift and just work on things in it. The building is insulated, and I put it up myself. I do not have heat in there, but it stays around 15 degrees warmer in the winter, and 15 degrees cooler so far this spring. It was pretty easy to erect with the right equipment. After reading the plans thoroughly and figuring things out. I had it all done in six days with the help of my family and friends. I am really impressed with the finished product it looks awesome in the backyard. It is my dream garage and I love it!"

Make your structure you.

We customize each building to meet your exact needs. Our buildings range from standard box designs to more unique custom requirements. The potential of options for Western Steel Building packages are limitless. Our experienced Project Managers will help you navigate your options. You can optimize your space by adding a mezzanine, or even by adding multiple entry points to ensure stress free access. As TJ mentioned, we offer a variety of insulation systems to help maintain the environmental control of your space. Let us help you create your dream space, call today to get started!

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