Community Spotlight: Waves for Water

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At Western Steel Buildings, we make it a priority to make a positive impact with everything we do. This value not only to applies to our customer relationships, but expansively to our impact in the community and largely to the world around us. That’s the sole reason why each year, Western Steel Buildings acknowledges multiple charities to donate our time and resources both near and far.

Waves for Water

In 2018, we were proud sponsors of the “Waves For Water” organization. This charity was introduced to us by Senior Project Manager, Aaron Meister. Dedicated to the cause, Aaron traveled all the way to Rincon, Puerto Rico to volunteer . While there he helped families in desperate need of clean water. In 2017 hurricane Maria hit and left the community of Rincon devastated. The storm wreaked havoc on the shores of this small coastal town. Consequently, residents were unable to access clean drinking water, even long after the storm had passed.

If you’ve had the opportunity to speak with Aaron, you would already know he is an outdoor enthusiast. Spending all of his free time in the great outdoors. Above all, he has a deep passion for helping those around him. For the second year in a row, Aaron chose the charity, “Waves for Water”. Their mission is simple, ” get clean water to every person that needs it”.

Visiting Ricon

During his trip Aaron and the other volunteers were promptly directed to sites where clean water was needed the most. “It was a very eye opening experience”, Aaron stated. Prior to receiving help, many families had been forced to get drinking water from wells that had not been tested for pathogens. This left many of the residents ill. Fortunately, “Waves for Water” trained their volunteers to set up clean water stations to ensure that these families were getting the safe water they needed. In addition, volunteers left supplies and taught residents how to maintain the clean water system themselves.

About Waves for Water

“Waves for Water” was founded in 2009, and has since helped over 7 million people in 27 countries. In addition to their primary focus of providing clean water, they also coordinate natural disaster relief around the world. If you are interested in helping this organization or learning more please visit

Nominate a Charity

We are taking charity nominations. If you have a charity that is near and dear to your heart, please let us know. Send an email to, telling us about the cause and why they are your favorite charity.