Aaron Meister

Senior Account Manager

Price Your Building

Aaron Meister

Senior Account Manager

What led you to a career at Western Steel Buildings?

I have always had an interest in engineering and architecture. After completing my bachelors of science in biology, I had an opportunity to become a sales associate for a PEMB supplier in Park City, Utah. I fell in love with the mountains and excelled in my role. This led me to starting as an Account Manager and Partner of WSB.

What do you like about working for WSB?

I love the company’s culture and the constant opportunity for growth and challenge in a market that is extremely busy. I enjoy meeting with my clients and getting to work through completed projects.

What is one important skill everyone should have?

One important skill everyone should have is the ability to remain teachable.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Everything and anything outdoors. Surfing, snowbiking, scuba diving, dirt biking and even like to volunteer when the opportunity is presented to me.

What is one thing on your bucket list?

To get my bareboat captains license to operate large mon-hull and catamaran sailboats.