Project Spotlight: Recreational Building

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Building Specifications

  • End Use: Basketball Gym
  • Frame Type: Straight
  • Dimensions: 45’x90’x23.10′
  • Colors: Cool Zinc Gray, Cool Matte Black
  • Special Features: Mezzanine, Dormer
  • If you’ve been looking for inspiration for a recreational building, check out this space! This incredible 45’x90’x23′ structure houses a covered patio, basketball court, gym, and game room.
    Designing the building for an indoor basketball court required an interior clear height of 23’10”. The high ceilings created more than enough space to have the opportunity to build a mezzanine floor. A mezzanine is a great way to increase the floor space of a building without adding to the building footprint. Mezzanines can be used for an array of purposes, they are often used to provide additional storage space, or as a room for an office. This particular 24’x45′ mezzanine is now enjoyed as a game room, and perfect space to spectate a basketball game. At Western Steel Buildings, we understand the importance of making sure a new building fits into its surroundings. That’s why we go the extra step in helping to match the aesthetic elements of each of our buildings with any previously existing structures. For this project we provided new matching paneling for their existing barn.

    Why choose Western?

    Western Steel Buildings exists to inspire, help, and create innovative building solutions for our clients. We believe we are the best building solution and company to work with for large and complex projects. Our Solutioncentric™ approach and guaranteed on-time delivery brings unparalleled accountability to our industry. Our Western Steel Buildings systems save on design, construction, and maintenance costs. With a variety of framing systems, including structural and hybrid, we will Value-Engineer designs to meet specific requirements, keeping the overall cost in mind. Let’s discuss your next building project!