Project Spotlight: Green River Public Safety Building

Read on for more information on this Metal Building System from Western Steel Buildings.

<b>Public Safety Building</b>
</br>5 Building Attachments
</br>12,000 sq ft
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At Western , our metal building packages can be designed for any end use in mind.  This particular structure is home to the Green River Public Safety Building. With 5 building attachments this metal public safety building is 12,000 square feet. Since this building is used for fire tucks and ambulances it classifies  as a "Risk Category IV- Essential Facility". When a building is placed in a risk category, careful assessment of the specific level is required prior to design. Building codes require that these structures be classified based upon the risk to human life, health and welfare associated with damage or loss of the structure. For instance, other examples of buildings places in risk categories are police stations, hospitals, and storm shelters. Therefore, there are minimum design loads, maximum allowable story drift and lateral force resisting system limitations associated with each classification level. These specifications effect the durability of the building associated with snow, ice, wind and seismic activity.

Building Information

  • End Use: Public Safety Building
  • Size: 12,000 sq ft
  • Frame Type: Tapered Single Slope Frame
  • System: Pre-Engineered Steel, Rigid
  • Exterior: Brick, Wood and Metal Panels
  • Metal Panel Colors: Charcoal, Polar White and Emerald Green
  • Special Features: Risk Category IV - Essential Facility, Custom Window Cut Outs,3:12 roof pitch
<b>Public Safety Building</b>
</br>5 Building Attachments
</br>12,000 sq ft

Experience What Western Has to Offer

From airplane hangers to public safety buildings, Western has you covered. At Western Steel Buildings we fabricate the highest quality structure to meet your specific building requirements. Our veteran Project Managers work closely with our clients to value-engineer each project and offer an array of accessories to customize each structure. Western Steel Buildings are cut to spec at the factory and arrive ready to be erected in a fraction of the time, in a bolt together design. Each hole is carefully punched, each component is carefully welded, to complete every system, in accordance with the engineered specifications. We manufacture buildings for a wide range of industries including but not limited to agriculture, aviation, commercial, equestrian, industrial and residential.

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