2019 Photo Contest Winners in the Spotlight

Residential Steel Building

Thank you to all of our clients who entered our Spring Photo Contest. Your kind words and pictures are incredibly important and motivating to our team of steel building specialists.

Our contest finalists had some raw and heartening stories that we would like to share with you. From installing a Western Steel Building System with friends , to making dreams a reality no matter what the cost! Our next few blogs will highlight the winning entries and their inspiring stories.

First up, Tre from the St. George area in Utah gives us a review of his metal building.

Workshop interior

Building Information

  • End Use: Metal Workshop & Living Quarters
  • Size: 50x60x19 Steel Building
  • Frame Type: Clear Span
  • Colors: Wall Panel: Light Stone ,Trim & Roof Panel: Koko Brown
  • Special Features: Self Supporting Mezzanine to provide space for residential area, and most importantly life lessons derived from the most cherished construction manager

Tre's Story

Tre purchased land in Leeds, Utah. He hoped that one day it would be home to his very own metal workshop and living quarters. Subsequently, in 2018 he achieved that and more. His 50x60 metal building sits on a gorgeous red rock Southern Utah backdrop. Tre, and his 71-year-old Grandfather, installed this prefab steel structure themselves. Tre's grandfather is visually impaired. Although, he wasn't able to provide much physical assistance he cheered Tre on the whole way.

A word from Tre....

"I’ve always been interested in the idea of being able to have enough space for anything I might acquire throughout the years plus enough room to tinker around inside the garage area all while being able to live in the same area right up above it. I’m a full-time resident inside of it and it makes for a real comfy living situation. I kept in mind when I was designing it to make it seem like you’re at a regular house and it’s not just a shop feel to it. "

"Easily my favorite part about this whole entire project is that me being a 21-year-old that doesn’t know a thing about anything and my 71-year-old grandpa who is totally blind, that were able to complete, I’d say a good 90% of this from the dirt work all the way to the finishing touches. "

Making Memories...

"Now, I’m sure you’re wondering what was he even capable of doing? Well that answer is not a whole lot physically, but he was always in the right spot at the right time making sure he could hold an end up of something while I screw it in etc. He was mostly there for moral support at the end of the day. He’s lived a long time and has been able to see it all before, so he knows how it is supposed to feel that’s really what guided me most… it was incredible. Plus, now that this is all said and done it increases in value by a million and a half percent to me because I understand he’s not going to be around forever and just knowing he was there for me through the whole process just makes it that much more precious to me…"

"I’m so impressed with the work you guys did that I’ve got my fingers crossed hopefully I can do another one. Thank you, guys, for everything I really appreciate it, you are awesome to work with. Look forward to more.” 

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