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At Western Steel Buildings we are proud to announce our participation in the LEED certification system. We offer structural designs to meet the qualifications of LEED certification. LEED stands for, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It’s building, while being eco conscious. More specifically, it is an international certification system that is most widely used and recognized for green building rating system.  LEED buildings reduce the stress on the environment by saving energy and resources. Consequently, studies show these buildings are more profitable than their conventional counterparts.

LEED is a performance-oriented rating system. It offers guidelines for different categories such as building design, operations, homes and neighborhood development. New construction is awarded points for meeting criteria aiming to address and reduce environmental impacts inherent in the design, construction, operations and management of a building.  Points can be accrued in five environmental categories: sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, and indoor environmental quality. The total number of points a project earns will determine the level of LEED Certification. The ranking levels are as follows: certified, silver, gold, and platinum

LEED provides a framework for high efficient and cost-saving buildings. LEED for new construction provides many advantages including economical, environmental, occupant oriented performance and health benefits.  Overall, LEED verified buildings have improved energy and water efficiency. This will help reduce the cost to operate and subsequently will have higher lease up values. 

Our experienced project managers are ready to assist you in going green on your next building project.