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Steel Workshop | Mike's 24'x24' Do it Yourself Residential Steel Workshop

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A word from Mike...

“I bought this building when I retired to be my wood shop. I needed a high ceiling, full insulation and a secure, weather tight roof and walls. It also needed to be attractive enough to look good in a residential setting. With a few additional trim pieces, it turned out to be a great addition to my house and neighborhood.

I had a little help from neighbors and friends during the erecting of the building but I tackled the project as a DIY install. Not sure if I would advise others to do the same unless they had some construction skills. I am very satisfied with the final results and product.”

What are the Advantages of a Do it Yourself Install for a Pre-engineered Steel Building?

What should I do before my steel building starts fabrication?

You will receive a Western Steel Buildings' Installation Manual prior to delivery. This includes the following information: